Students Testimonials

Nov 18-22, 2019, Surrey BC

Students Testimonials

Jason Scott, Mar 4-9,2019, Surrey BC
Millwright IP Red Seal Refresher Course 

Students Testimonials

Richard Zemenchik, Mar 4-9,2019, Surrey BC
Millwright IP Red Seal Refresher Course 
Shane Weir, Feb4-9-2019, Surrey BC
Master Electrician Refresher Course 
Dhiru Kumar, Jan 26-Mar 9,2019, Surrey BC
Electrical IP Red Seal Refresher Course 
Barinder Sandhu, Jan26-Mar9-2019, Surrey BC
Electrical IP Red Seal Refresher Course 
Duane Brown, Mar 11-15-2019, Surrey BC
Electrical IP Red Seal Refresher Course 

Students Testimonials

Vicelito Asis , BC – Hello ATTI! Thank you very much for the red seal refresher course that you guys had given to me. I got a lot of learning from the course and also from  Larry sir videos. It helps me understand something that I’m gonna used from the red seal exam. Thank you again guys.Have a great day..

Michael Jones, Grand Prairie, AB – I highly recommend the construction electrician Red Seal prep course. The instructor was excellent, going the extra mile to explain why the code rules exist rather than simply telling students what the code rules are. She was also very willing to give extra help outside of class time. You will not have an instructor with more knowledge of code, theory, and the electrical trade.

Paul Klammer, Fort McMurray, AB – I live in one of the most high-paced cities in North America. With a schedule like mine, I couldn’t find the time to attend trades school. ATTI equipped me with the appropriate knowledge to challenge and pass my last two years of trades school, costing less than half and a fraction of the time (including flights). I would recommend ATTI to anyone who desires to advance their schooling and knowledge!

Chatlin sauve, Lloydminster, SK – I took the online red seal refresher course in which I am well pleased with the manner the material was covered and how much simpler it was explained rather than getting into too much details. Every trade aspect which is more likely to be on the exams are taught instead of a bunch on nonsensical useless materials which makes it overwhelming when studying. I was also able to review a certain set of videos when the time limit was past due, which I wanted to gain more knowledge on to make sure I understood in better detail. I am very excited to say everything I have gained using ACE Trades and Technical Institute has helped me to finally pass my Red Seal in the Plumbing Trade. I strongly recommend using ATTI. If anyone has had past difficulties with poor explanations of some trade aspects.

Doug McLeman, Fort McMurray, AB – I recently attended the IP Red Seal examination preparation course at ATTI. My experience at the school exceeded my expectations and directly built my confidence in preparing me to sit the IP exam. The quality of instruction was outstanding in every area and they demonstrated patience, support and understanding to ensure I was aligned for exam success. The staff had a marvelous ability to simplify the Electrical Code to a level that I could understand and apply. Having initially arrived in Canada as a new immigrant, I am now currently employed with one of the major oil companies in the Alberta Oil Sands and hold the position of Electrical Supervisor. I can recommend, with confidence, Ace Trades and Technical Institute to those requiring IP Red Seal Certification.

Eamon Lamb Fort McMurray, AB – Finally someone got it right!! Great instruction, fast learning and great results. I would recommend ATTI to everyone who is looking to upgrade their certification and further their careers. I have tried other programs, but this was the only program that has helped me get the results on the exam I needed – Thanks ATTI!

Daljit Panesar, Surrey, BC – After taking the 2 week intense program, I wrote my red seal exam a few days later, and found the program very helpful, and passed my exam. Supneet, my instructor is a very good teacher, and I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to write Electrical IP Red Seal exam.

Robert Davidson North Vancouver, BC – Wow! I was struggling with my Electrical Apprenticeship weekly tests in my third year Apprenticeship Program. ATTI acted as a great resource and helped me tremendously and I finally passed my exam. Without help from ATTI, I don’t think it would have been possible for me to pass my third year. I am certainly coming back for my fourth-year apprenticeship here. I strongly recommend this institute to my peers and friends in electrical field all the time. Thank you so much!

Chris Davies, President, Chris Signs and Lighting, Langley, BC – ATTI helped me a lot to understand the basics from examination standpoint for my IP (Inter-Provincial) RED SEAL exam. My electrical concepts are much clearer after taking the refresher course and I am very confident that I will pass my Red Seal challenge exam successfully. Hats off to ATTI.

Lee DeStephanis, Owner, Westward Electric Services, Fort McMurray, AB – I believe my company’s success is derived from several different elements, but one prominent reason is skilled and knowledgeable employees. ATTI has been our go-to for employees to further their education in the electrical trade. Their programs have helped create confident, qualified, and proficient tradesmen/women. Thank you ATTI.

Jason S, Vancouver, BC – I was getting ready to get my first-year apprenticeship done. Supneet at ATTI was instrumental in my passing the course and the understanding of all things to do with math and its relationship to electricity and its use. Without Supneet and ATTI, I would have had a really difficult time. It’s great that there is such an excellent resource of help available in the field of electrical trades. Thank you ATTI.

Finbar Holland, Edmonton, AB – After weeks of arching for information about electrical IP exam I had come up empty handed. I was finally put in contact with Supneet at ATTI. Her Red Seal Refresher Course for Electrical exam gave me the exact information I needed to pass the exam. The instructor was excellent and taught the course very well. If it was not for ATTI I would never have passed the exam no matter how many attempts. I cannot thank them enough for all their help.

Manny Nunnes, Vancouver, BC – I am a third-class power engineer. I started attending the ATTI last summer for help in obtaining my third-class power engineering certificate. ATTI helped me in AC and DC theory, electrical calculation and system operations of my third-class power engineering course. With help from ATTI I have completed the A part of my third-class power engineering course and I’m on my way on becoming a third-class power engineer. I strongly recommend attending ATTI for any students interested in obtaining a higher level of power engineering certificate or electrical apprenticeship.

Jayson Winsor, Fort MacMurray, AB – 76 marks! I did great on everything. This course is great. It is intense but you learn so much. The stuff that matters. The teacher is awesome and really cares that you pass. I would highly recommend doing the course if you are writing a red seal exam. It’s the bomb!!!!!

Luke Pasztor, Vancouver, BC – I would like to thank you for your excellent tutoring and valuable information on how to approach the Challenge exam (Red Seal). As a newcomer (Immigrant) to the Canadian electrical industry, your course makes the Code understandable, and a lot easier to follow. I would strongly recommend any new Challenger to take the course with ATTI. Keep up the excellent service.

Michael White, Red Deer, AB – I recently completed the IP Red Seal course with ATTI. Even though I was totally unfamiliar with Canadian regulations the excellent instruction provided by my instructor allowed me to challenge and pass the Red Seal immediately shortly after completing the course. Furthermore, my instructor went way beyond what was required for the exam and ensured everyone not only knew but had a deep understanding of the Canadian Electrical Code. I would recommend the course to any electrician that needs to have IP Red Seal, employers and especially temporary foreign workers.

Hardeep Singh Sandhu, Vancouver, BC – My experience at ATTI was great, I needed guidance to study for my exam. I had the experience but no knowledge of what to expect or how to study for my exam, ATTI provided me exactly what I needed. My instructor was available to me by phone at all the times which made it even easier for me to study. Thanks, ATTI, I am now a Journeyman Electrician with Red Seal.

Nirmal Singh Ranu Calgary, AB – I would like to say that i just take only seven classes from ATTI and after that I appeared in IP Red Seal Challenge exam. I got 73%. Specially for IP exam ATTI is very very good learning source. Nothing is better than this. My instructor Supneet has a lot of experience and knowledge even she kept helping to me up to my exam day. Thanks, ATTI!

Riaz Ahmed, Edmonton, AB – ATTI’s 40-hour refresher IP preparation course is well targeted and cover every aspect of IP exam. This was the program I was waiting for so long and finally I got my ticket. I strongly recommend this program to any challenger before writing the exam which is result oriented. Thanks, ATTI and thanks to our trainer Ms. Supneet Chawla.

Daniel Yorke, Chetwynd, BC – After taking 1-week intensive program, I wrote my red seal exam a few days later, and found the program very helpful, and passed my exam. My instructor is a very good teacher, and I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to write IP Red Seal exam.

Zied Sakouhi, Regina, SK – I completed the IP Red Seal course (industrial mechanic/millwright) with ATTI in June 2017. Even though I was totally unfamiliar with Canadian regulations the excellent instruction provided by my instructor allowed me to challenge and pass the Red Seal on august 2017.  I would recommend the course to any tradesmen/women that need to have IP Red Seal, employers and especially temporary foreign workers.

Anil Chand, Fort McMurray, AB – I attended the IP course in Fort McMurray and found the course very well organized and broken down into laymen terms. Even though it was fast pace the instructor was patient and willing to take the time and made sure the class understood the material before moving on. This course gave me the knowledge and confidence to write the exam without being nervous. Thanks to my instructor and the course ATTI puts on that I now have my Red Seal

Hardev Singh, Surrey, BC – I attended IP Red Seal course in Surrey Ace campus instructed by Supneet Chawla and passed it by 76% scored. I did it only because of Supneet, how she helped me not only in classroom but also by phone and emailing all my problems. ATTI treats all the trainees like their family members and never gets tired answering all their questions until you pass the exam. I always say if I can pass Red Seal, then anyone can do it with the help of Supneet.

Clinton, Saskatoon, SK – The course I took in Saskatoon about 4 years ago was awesome. It sure helped me get my red seal ticket. If it wasn’t for the course, I don’t think I would have completed. It was taught very well made me understand the code book very well.

Sandra Zhou, Vancouver, BC – I recently completed the FSR-SA course with ATTI. Even though I was totally unfamiliar with Canadian regulations the excellent instruction provided by my instructor allowed me to take and pass the FSR-SA exam with a good score shortly after completing the course.  I am very grateful to Ace’s help and would recommend the course to any tradesmen/women that need to have their FSR ticket.

Robbie Curran, Calgary, AB – I took my red seal exam without any help and failed. I was then advised to call ATTI. After taking the one-week intensive program, I wrote the red seal exam again and this time with the help of the program was able to use the code book properly and passed my exam. My instructor is a very good teacher, and I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to write IP Red Seal exam.

Mahmoud Tehini, Edmonton, AB – I worked in the automotive industry for some time never had the chance to attend technical training such as apprenticeship I heard about refreshing red seal course despite many years of experience it really helped me achieve my goal I wrote the test after attending the course with ATTI. I got in some areas in the exam as high 97%, but I passed from the first attempt 74 percent.

Abraham Thangapandy, Surrey, BC – “My experience with ATTI was really great. I had Electrical knowledge but with no Canadian Experience and education. I approached ATTI and Supneet encouraged me to challenge the Electrical exam. Upon guidance, I took the refresher course and all through the course I enjoyed her way of teaching and answering questions with so my passion. She even took extra time to answer technical doubts from a practical standpoint as well. I got my Red seal ticket at my First Attempt.  Thank you,”