ATTI offers 2015 Canadian Electrical Code Course both in class as well as online for candidates planning to write FSR A/ B / LO / SA / FE and Master Electrician exam .

  Option 1 : Online

Our self-directed, fully distance certificate program gives you flexibility to work at your own pace and get the results you want to advance your career. Divided into assignments on each section our Canadian Electrical Code course offers you access to tutorial help by one on one tutoring from our Technical Safety BC approved instructor. You’ll learn about the fundamentals of the rules and regulations governing Canadian electrical work, installation and the calculations you’ll need.You’ll use the 2015 Canadian Electrical Code (23rd edition) to gain valuable knowledge and training in:

    • Authorization Procedures For Electrical Contractors
    • Bulletins, Amendments, General and Electrical Safety Regulations
    • Correct Interpretations Of Applicable Code Rules
    • Proper Use Of The Code Book
    • Safety Standards Act

The course is designed to help students navigate through the code book. You will gain a fundamental understanding of the rules and regulations governing the installation of electrical work. You will gain knowledge of the calculations that are a large part of the code regulations. Many examples are included in the coursework.

The course work is challenging, however most students that are able to devote a few hours per week to the assigned work can complete this course within 3-6 months. Students who already have some familiarity with the Code will likely be able to finish the course in less time. Maximum time allowed for completion is 1 year ( 12 months )

Cost : $630 ( Including course books and taxes )

Option 2 : Instructor Led Class

Course: 2015 Canadian Electrical Code Course For FSR A/B / Master Electrician Exam
Dates: April 9-13 Every day
Timings: 9am-4:30pm
Cost: $630 ( Including all course material and taxes )

Course: 2015 Canadian Electrical Code Course For FSR LO/SA Exam
Dates: May 24-25( 2 day Intensive )
Timings: 9am-4:30pm 
Cost: $630 ( Including all course material and taxes )

Both Courses are taught by Technical Safety BC approved Instructor ( Formerly BC Safety Authority)

In British Columbia, if you wish to be named on an Electrical Permit or an Electrical License or if you wish to sign a declaration for a particular project, you must be qualified as a Field Safety Representative (FSR). You will then have responsibility for code compliance of that project. A FSR named on an application for an operating permit or contractor’s licence must, in addition to the duties of a FSR, represent the operating permit holder or licensed contractor in code, technical and worker qualification matters that are within the scope of the Field Safety Representative’s certificate of qualification.

To become a FSR you are required to show evidence of having successfully completed a course in the application of electrical codes and standards required by the provincial safety manager and to pass a BC Safety Authority exam. This course qualifies as ‘recognized’ by the BC Safety Authority. This course is also excellent for those electricians, technologists or engineers that merely want to refresh their knowledge and update their skills to the latest edition of the code.

If you are interested in this program or any other courses at ACE Trades and Technical Institute, please visit our Academic Calendar for course starting dates and schedules. For more details, you can also call local number: (604)304-4009 or toll free number: 1-855-471-3926 or send us an email at