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Automotive Service Technician , Carpentry , Electrical , Heavy Equipment Technician , Ironworker , Millwright , Plumbing , Power line Technician , Steamfitting Pipefitting and more are designed to help you succeed in your trade.

About Us

Red Seal training is offered by ATTI with head office located in Surrey, BC, Canada .We are a private training provider that offers 35-42 hours of trade refresher courses to help candidates prepare to challenge and successfully pass level exams as well as Inter-Provincial Red Seal exam in various trades: Electrical, Plumbing, Pipefitting/Steam fitting, Iron working, Millwright, Instrument Technician, Painting , Welding etc. If you have prior experience working in a trade in Canada or abroad but have never been certified in Canada, you can apply to challenge certification in your trade. Being approved to challenge means that individuals who meet the criteria for a trade will not be required to go through the full program. Instead, they will be allowed to become certified by writing and passing the Red Seal exam which grants the candidates Journeyman Ticket with Red Seal Certification .

What Our Students Say about ATTI

“After taking 1 week intensive program , I wrote my Red Seal exam few days later and passed my exam .My instructor was excellent and I would recommend this program to anyone looking to prepare for Red Seal examJeff Didcote, Fort Mcmurray

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ATTI provides Instructor-led as well as online refresher courses in all major cities of Canada.We have helped hundreds of trades personnel locally residing in Canada and abroad in various trades preparing for apprenticeship level exams as well as Red Seal exam .

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If you are interested to start or persue your career in trades and will like to enrol in any of our courses, you can do it by calling 604-304-4009 or via email or online by clicking on the image above .

Learn About Automotive Service Technician

Automotive Service Technician is a nationally designated trade under the Inter-provincial Red Seal program.

Learn About Carpentry

Carpentry is a nationally designated trade under the Inter-provincial Red Seal program.

Learn About Electrician

An Electrician plans, assembles, installs, commissions, tests, maintains, services and operates electrical systems and equipment.

Learn About Electrical Engineering Upgrading

Engineering is a regulated profession in Canada.

Electrical – 2015 Canadian Electrical Code Course for FSR/ Master Electrician Ticket

ATTI offers 2015 Canadian Electrical Code Course both in class as well as online.

Heavy Equipment Technician (Off-Road)

Heavy equipment technician (off-road) maintain, repair and overhaul heavy vehicles and industrial heavy equipment.

Learn About Industrial Mechanic (Millwright) IP Red Seal

Industrial mechanics (millwrights) work on industrial machinery and mechanical equipment and components.

Instrumentation and Control Technician

Instrumentation and control technicians are knowledgeable in overall plant systems and the interactions of processes.

Inter-Provincial (IP)Red Seal Exam Training

Trades people generally have thorough and reliable training on the job and, while they know how to perform well in their profession.

Skype Training

Do you want to attend this course in comfort of your home ?Ask us how !!

Skype is an excellent tool for candidates residing away from the city where course is being offered or candidates preferring not to travel / drive to the classroom to attend the training. Now , you can enrol to attend any of our courses via Skype !!! The candidate shares his / her Skype ID with ATTI during enrolment and a group class with the instructor is created via Skype couple weeks before course start date. ATTI than provides free SKYPE training to all the candidates in that group 1 week before course start date to ensure smooth and undisturbed delivery of the training which makes success experience of attending this training via Skype same as being physically present in the classroom.

For more information how you can attend this training to gain your certification goal in the comfort of your home  , please contact ATTI by calling 604-304-4009 or via email at

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I live in one of the most high-paced cities in North America. With a schedule like mine, I couldn’t find the time to attend trades school. ACE Learning Centre equipped me with the appropriate knowledge to challenge and pass my last two years of trades school, costing less than half and a fraction of the time (including flights). I would recommend ACE to anyone who desires to advance their schooling and knowledge!

Paul Klammer

I recently attended the IP Red Seal examination preparation course at ACE. My experience at the school exceeded my expectations and directly built my confidence in preparing me to sit the IP exam. The quality of instruction was outstanding in every area and they demonstrated patience, support and understanding to ensure I was aligned for exam success. The staff had a marvelous ability to simplify the Electrical Code to a level that I could understand and apply. Having initially arrived in Canada as a new immigrant, I am now currently employed with one of the major oil companies in the Alberta Oil Sands and hold the position of Electrical Supervisor. I can recommend, with confidence, Ace Learning Centre to those requiring IP Red Seal Certification

Doug McLeman

Finally someone got it right!! Great instruction, fast learning and great results. I would recommend ACE to everyone who is looking to upgrade their certification and further their careers. I have tried other programs but this was the only program that has helped me get the results on the exam I needed – Thanks ACE!

Eamon Lamb

My experience at ACE was great, I needed guidance to study for my exam. I had the experience but no knowledge of what to expect or how to study for my exam, Ace provided me exactly what I needed. My instructor was available to me by phone at all the times which made it even easier for me to study. Thanks ACE, I am now a Journeyman Millwright with Red Seal

Said Nauzad

I worked in the automotive industry for some time never had the chance to attend technical training such as apprenticeship I heard about refreshing red seal course despite many years of experience it really helped me achieve my goal I wrote the test after attending the course with ATTI. I got in some areas in the exam as high 97 percent but I passed from the first attempt 74 percent.

Mahmoud Tehini

My experience with ATTI was really great. I had Electrical knowledge but with no Canadian Experience and education. I approached ATI and Supneet encouraged me to challenge the Electrical exam. Upon guidance, I took the refresher course and all through the course I enjoyed her way of teaching and answering questions with so my passion. She even took extra time to answer technical doubts from a practical standpoint as well. I got my Red seal ticket at my First Attempt. Thank you,

Abraham Thangapandy

I took my red seal exam without any help and failed. I was then advised to call ATTI. After taking the one week intensive program, I wrote the red seal exam again and this time with the help of the program was able to use the code book properly and passed my exam. My instructor is a very good teacher, and I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to write IP Red Seal exam.

Robbie Curran

I attended IP Red Seal course in Surrey Ace campus instructed by Supneet Chawla and passed it by 76% scored. I did it only because of Supneet, how she helped me not only in classroom but also by phone and emailing all my problems. ATTI treats all the trainees like their family members and never gets tired answering all of their questions until you pass the exam. I always say if I can pass Red Seal, than everybody can do it with the help of Supneet.

Hardev Singh

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